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..GRIFFIN SSM 24/7 Rules of Conduct ..

This is a one of a kind server, it is a privilege to play here. These Mods have been created by GRIFFIN STUDIOS  and brought to you by the Griffin Clan for everyone's enjoyment.  Please help to keep this a fair and friendly server for all.  Now the idea here is to just have fun. All clans and individuals are welcome to play here. All we ask is that you be mindful of the other players. This also goes for language...keep it clean!!

Servers bots and vehicles are reprogrammed to be more efficient, don't misuse this. Try to work as a team with your bots. Attack flag after flag and then go for main base. Do what you can to increase action on server by following these rules.


We support people who likes to take flags and not team kill.
And this is how we do it.

        Kill = 1 point
        Capture flag = 10 points
        Grey flag = 5 points
        Team kill = -10 points


Following all these rules will ensure that everyone playing, on both teams can enjoy themselves. Thank you for your co-operation.

1. DO attack main base last (Double Flag) *

This is a SPECIAL rule on our server and is not on many others. This server had been extremely modded and in an effort to not give one team an unfair advantage each team must not attack the other teams main base till its the last one left. If the other team takes another base before you are able to get the main, you must leave and return to the other flag and take it before return to take the main. The Main is marked by a Double flag. This rule is STRICTLY enforced on our server and failure to adhere to this rule will get you KICKed.

2. Vehicle Use.
Only use your own teams vehicles, unless for escape from hostile territory ONLY! Don't fly over, jump out and take other teams vehicles. Change teams.

3. No T.K.
Be respectful toward other human players. If you don't know the other human player, personally, then DO NOT intentionally T.K. that person. Otherwise, you will be punished for having a negative score. For each T.K. you receive -10. You get -25 and KICK. No forgiveness for accidents, use your 'Q' button. Don't kill for vehicles, the server has plenty of them to go around.

4. No Spawn rape or Main rape
This can be annoying when its you getting raped. DO NOT snipe bases. Don't stand on a safe distance and throw shells on a base. It is understandable you must kill everyone at the base, but move in quickly and take the Flag, else KICK.

5. No team stacking
On our server you are permitted to play on either the Allies(blue) or the NVA(red).  However when the teams become uneven and there are people trying to play on both sides, it stops being fun for the person fighting four or six people by themselves.  We would prefer people to try and keep the teams FAIR on their own, however if things get stupid admins will step in to fix.  If you are asked to switch teams, DO SO!

6. No disruptive game play
This rule is all common sense and will be dealt with on a per instance basis. If you cant behave you can't play here!

7. No spam
Look, we all know and see that you need reinforcements or air support... but there's no need to advertise it 30 million times. Again, be respectful and just use what commands you need to when necessary. And this goes for non-command messages as well. Repetition of this and you wont have time to say good-bye.

Whether it being map hacks/exploits or game hacks, it WILL NOT be tolerated. Getting caught will result (if you're really lucky) in a Kick (but more likely) a Ban.

9. I've Been Banned
We try VERY hard not to have to kick or ban anyone, but there is always 1 or 2 that just ruin it. Remember that Admin are on here to play not baby sit you! You are more than welcome to register and dispute the allegations here on the clan forum, in the proper thread. Only the Banning Admin is permitted to remove a ban, therefore your dispute will be brought to their attention and discussed.

10. Language
Please keep it clean. Absolutely no cursing admins. Want to get KICK try any of the following: Profane, abusive, racial in nature, or just plain stupid, and excessive.

11. Obey ALL Admin Requests

Do as they ask and do not argue.

12. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Any violation of these rules can and will result in the following action:      
a. Verbal Warning (If you are Lucky)  
b. ADMIN KILL                                   
  c. KICK                                                 
  d. BAN                                                   

* Flaming Dart, Hue, Quang Tri and Ia Drang have no main base.  The teams start with their 
   main bases on Hastings, Game Warden, Lang Vei, Khe Sahn and Albany.


**It's real simple. Keep your language clean! Just be courteous toward the other players. Our VENTrilo does have several channels for other people that are not playing a BF game. DO NOT DISTURB THEM. Within the BF channels, there area Red and Blue Team channels. Use them if you want, but if you're not on the team you're in the room with, GET OFF THAT CHANNEL. Again, the admin can be contacted via VENTrilo and we can pull you into an admin lounge to discuss kicks/bans. Use this opportunity only when admin gives it to you

**HOT KEYED AT ALL TIMES. We don't want to hear you argue with your wife/girlfriend, hear your music, nor hear you making gas after eating a 10lb burrito. So keep your team speak set to use a HOT KEY to speak at all times on our VENT server.

**No Spamming. We all hear it, and probably heard it the 1st 10 times. So lets keep the channel open to all the other players using it and not clog it up with a bunch of garbage.

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Server Rules Weapons Info Map Info  Mod Details Why I Lag?