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So You want to Join The Griffin Clan.

The Griffins are a small group of individuals dedicated to fair, and respectful play in the online world of Battlefield Vietnam.  We own and operate a 30 Slot Server built on the innovative technology of Griffin Studios.  The Griffin Studios BFV Mod is unique in the BFV universe, and we are dedicated to preserving, and making this one of a kind Battlefield available for all to enjoy.

Our Code of Conduct

1. Play Fair

2. Play Honest

3. Be Respectful of Other Players

4. Play by the Rules of all Host Servers

5. Keep a Civil Tongue in Your Head

6. While wearing the Griffin Tag, never do anything that may damage our fine reputation


The Three Tiers of Membership

1. RECRUIT ($10.00 per Year)

This level of Membership is designed for quality players who may not have the financial resources to apply for full membership status. As a Recruit your $10.00 contribution goes directly into our Server fund, and allows you to participate in all Clan activities wearing the Griffin Tag. We will be hosting Clan Skirmishes, Custom Map Invitational, and offering a collection of unique files on our Website and Forums for all Griffins to enjoy. A fine choice for those who play casually, or not wanting to make the larger Membership Commitment.

2. MEMBER ($65.00 Per Year)

As a full Member you enjoy all the rights of the Recruit, in addition you are granted Admin Privileges on our Server.  This gives you some say in how the Server operates while you play, and gives you the tools to deal with those who choose not to abide by our server rules.  All Members with Admin Privileges will be expected to conduct themselves according to our Code of Conduct, or may find their privileges restricted, or revoked without refund, or recompense.

3. ADMIN COMMITTEE ($65.00 per Year)

All decisions relating to the Griffin Clan, its Server, Website, Forums, are made in a democratic manner.  Recruits and Members may, or may not be consulted prior to making any decisions, but all committee decisions are final.  The Committee level of Membership is currently closed with all 5 Seats occupied.

Your contribution/donation goes directly into our server fund, privately, and securely.  PayPal/Credit Card/Money Order/Private Check Accepted.
No clan member sees your financial details, or can access your funds.

Thank you for joining the fight to keep this Mod Alive!

To join the Griffin Clan you must get an application from Recruitment Admin Zulu Kardon, who can be reached by PM in Forum.  When we receive your completed application the Admin Committee will vote on your membership.  If approved you will then be instructed to make your contribution and lastly you receive your tags.

Contact Zulu Kardon with any questions, concerns or special needs!

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Home Forum Members Contact Admin Join Clan
Server Rules Weapons Info Map Info  Mod Details Why I Lag?