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These settings are very important for maximum performance during game play.

Even with a fast computer following these guidelines will give enhanced performance.

For more and Advanced Information on settings use: Tweakguides.com

Further discussion found in forum.

Swap File Settings

Run msconfig.exe

Click system.ini

Under [386enh] you add this line,


Restart computer and memory will be used first then swapfile.

Audio Settings

Use 2D, less channels make less lag for you!  Running 5.1 can make your computer lad like crazy!
Video Settings

Open your videodefault.con located in \EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\Bfvietnam\Settings\
Open it with word pad or notepad and edit the line that reads..
     renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1

Change it from 0 to 1 and click file/save .  In conjunction with this you must turn your vsync (or vertical sync) within your video card settings off otherwise it wont work.
In game settings: 1024x768@100 and Graphic Quality on lowest recommended,  Medium in better cases.  800x600@120 and Graphic Quality on lowest in worse case scenario!  Lightmaps and shadows off. Everything else should be on high, doesn't change anything.  Memory usage with this setting is about 700MB Ram.  With highest quality you need about 1500MB Ram.

Update PunkBuster Run pbsetup.exe to update PunkBuster!  Everyone on server will happy about this.  Old PunkBuster overloads server and makes everyone lag.  After awhile PunkBuster will kick older version users!
Simple Things To Reduce/Eliminate Lag Turn off every program you are not going to use  while playing.  Next to clock you should have 2-3 icons.  If you have 10 or more you will lag.  Restart your computer before playing.  Defrag your hard drive.
Ventilation/Cooling System Use a power supply unit with a fan on the backside.  Any combination of fans is fine as long as there is one on backside. NEVER use a PSU with only a 120 fan under, this will make you CTD or system reboot after a few hours of playing.  PSU will overheat and cause a power failure.  Check for power supply heat problem by feeling top of computer.  It should be about room temperature, if its hot replace PSU.  If using fans, vacuum computer every now and then, dust is very bad for your FPS.  The cooler your computer the higher FPS you get.

Want to bypass the Intro Video?

go to folder C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield Vietnam\Movies

Delete all four files that are in there (Intro.bik, Dice.bik, Legal.bik, Ea.bik).  For a second option see the forum.

System Requirements

Lowest Computer Specification

1.5GHz Processor

1GB Ram

Radeon 9800pro with ICE-Q

Soundcard and headphones

Recommended Computer Specification

3GHz Processor

2GB Ram

Radeon X1950XTX with ICE-Q

Soundblaster X-FI

7.1 Sound System

Thanks to our Contributors: [GRIFFIN] Griffin, Capt. Willard, SNIPERbot

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Server Rules Weapons Info Map Info  Mod Details Why I Lag?